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For anyone whose tone or intention has ever been misread by text, this frustration is relatable.

Still, he never ceased to write to Teresa, amazed that photos could unlock a passion that grew with each letter.

These letters start in the year 1952, sometimes recounting banal details one might find in a series of texts—the fleeting excitement about the purchase of a new television, difficulties in school, and balancing English classes with finding work.

But in the years of penned conversation that were the direct result of approved photos, the letters are evidence of a true love that not only crossed an ocean but survived arduous political and geographical roadblocks. 2, 1953, Teresa writes: When I read your letters, it feels as if you're standing beside me.

Today, a Tinder match that leads to a second date is usually considered a success.

Sure, there are success stories of those that have swiped right and eventually headed , but pretty much never as a first-date activity.

While a Tinder meet-up can happen quickly—one of the app's most attractive features—Ignazio and Teresa were restricted by the geopolitical challenges that kept them separated. When we took our paths, my heart broke into pieces, and that day, I felt as if I was dying, I didn't know what to do …

By the time he returned from his service in the military, my grandmother, Teresa, had already left Sicily for the United States. Teresa's Tinder profile at the time would've read something like this: "Italian but living in Brooklyn, New York. Favorite food: caponatina." Teresa was one of many siblings and she didn't have a choice when moving to the United States; families were units, and hers was in the process of relocation.It was a request for his daughter's hand in marriage.And then, the anticipation for step three, bringing the suitable match face to face, became unbearable. I always think about you, I would have never imagined for our distance to be so painful.Their hometown union meant Ignazio was now legally an American citizen—Teresa completed him on paper—but the contracts for approval took more thansix months to process.Again, the lovers were limited to written expression as their only form of contact.

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There was no Tinder when my grandfather swiped right on a photo of my grandmother; there weren't even cell phones.

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