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Itemupdating firing 2 times

(sidenote: in SP2010 The setting (Disable Event Firing in 2007 and Event Firing Enabled in 2010) must be for the current event handler; if it was the entire list there’d be all sorts of timing issues and weirdness, and a thousand developers would already have screamed in agony. What happens if two threads change one item and one eventreceiver disables event firing?In a production system you would likely want to do all of this in a state machine workflow, or at least not do three different approaches to automation in one single system.On to lesson two In the last article we looked at using Share Point Designer Workflows to route and categorize incoming email to our help desk system.Update the issue, and if it is resolved, send a message to the customer. (handled by a custom workflow in Visual Studio) If you are going to do this in a production environment, don’t.

The series is meant to show the entire process of creating the application.Additionally, I am getting the following error when "new Item. Update()" is executed: he sandboxed code execution request was refused because the Sandboxed Code Host Service was too busy to handle the request Am I missing something here? This all makes sense to me and I can verify this behaviour but only from my memory of past experience because I don't remember screaming about it :) .However I strongly recommend that you preform some tests on your environment just to be sure.

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So second thread created from Event receiver will ignore this property.

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