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Gaz and marnie dating site

And, after mulling it over for a while, we think she might just be onto something.In an interview with the Daily Star, the former Ex On The Beach gal pointed out that the usual dating sites are chockablock with people who actually want opposing outcomes.

Later in the evening, fans of the show are set to get even more of an eyeful as the cast walk around the house in various states of undress.

Waited ages for it to finally be finished but it’s worth the wait #detached #Dream House #london #excited #Home Owner." Aaron – who is currently in a new relationship himself with jaw-dropping beauty Talia Oatway – added: "We still remain friends – me and Marnie literally just get on like a house on fire.

It was always me Marnie and Gaz, and when Gaz wasn’t there, it was just me and Marnie. "She’s my ex, but I don’t really look at her like that – she’s a really good friend." Aaron is currently in training for his next MMA fight on December 15.

Taking to Twitter, Emma posted a scathing attack on Gaz and his recent behaviour.

She wrote: "I'm going to put this out there now because I keep getting sent photos and videos of Gary with young girls, which are both from when we were together and from now that we have just broken up."Whilst he's been filming , he decided to send me a TEXT ending things, telling me to move my stuff out of OUR home that I furnished and paid for without explanation."After begging me to go to Australia with him and making me leave my career, I still find out he still managed to cheat on me throughout the relationship and continually lie."Emma went on to insist that despite Gaz's harsh actions, she sees everything that has happened as a blessing.

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In scenes set to be aired on Wednesday night, the 29-year-old is seen sharing a steamy smooch with Abbie, 20, while enjoying a naked hot tub party with his cast mates.

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