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Dating non catholic

It seems that they will allow doctrines “not (explicitly) found in the Scriptures” but for Catholics to do this it is perceived as “adding to what is written”. Rather, they were written to attest to who Jesus was — “so that you may believe” (Jn. The Acts of the Apostles are a continuation of Luke’s gospel—he tells of the early Church and of Paul’s conversion and missionary travels. Paul’s letters are to those communities where there were issues that needed to be addressed.Most of our understanding of the Holy Trinity comes from the extensive writings of the Early Church Fathers such as St. He wrote personal letters to Timothy, Titus, and Philemon.Almost all of Paul’s letters were composed before any of the gospels were written.Paul tells us in Acts when he addresses the people in Aramaic, he states that he was educated “at the feet of Gamaliel” which is quite significant because Gamaliel was a master of the oral law/tradition.The New Testament does not come with its own list as to which writings would go into it.The difference with the Protestant Old Testament and the Catholic one is about which version was used in the time of Jesus.

James wrote one letter; Peter wrote two letters, John wrote three—plus the Book of Revelation —and Jude wrote one. Many Protestants claim that the canon was only put forth at the Council of Trent (held from 1545 -1563); however, this is incorrect.

If self-interpretation really were of the Holy Spirit, then 100% of the people would necessarily arrive at the same interpretation 100% of the time for “God is not a god of confusion” (1 Cor. Cynthia Trainque is an author who is enrolled in the Master of Arts in Ministry (MAM) for the Laity at St. She has served the church for several years as a worker, writer, and volunteer and is presently an active member of St. Cynthia is available to come to speak as a guest speaker/teacher on the beauty of the Catholic faith.

She gives talks and also creates/uses Power Point presentations.

In his day, Hebrew had fallen out of use as an everyday language; Aramaic had taken its place.

However, with the conquest of Alexander the Great, Greek became the biblical language due to the Hellenistic influence.

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Nowhere is the doctrine of the One Godhead as Father, Son and Holy Spirit — co-eternal and co-equal — found in the Bible; but they are “words in harmony with Scripture”, according to the second of the 16 Fundamental Truths of the Assembly of God.

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